I am Alexander Jelinek, M.A. Conference Interpreter for German and English in the Stuttgart region.

Communicate smoothly with your business partners through me. This will give you the capacity to fully commit to what you are skilled in. A sense of confidence and trust in your conversation is my top priority.


Every event is unique. I provide practical advice. Use my expertise and save money, time, and energy while Iorganise interpreter teams and technical equipment for your event. Rely on the fact that I myself work for you with tried and tested simultaneous interpreters in bespoke team constellations.

Not only do I work on the free market, I also work for public authorities and private individuals in court, at notaries' offices, and at weddings, among other things, as a sworn interpreter for the English language.


As a translator with a relevant university degree, I offer you professional translations from German into English and vice versa.

Give your technical text, Powerpoint slides, or website a special touch and benefit from a professional and international image.

As a sworn translator for the English language, I offer "certified translations" of certificates, diplomas, etc.

Language coaching

Interacting with language learners completes my profile as a language professional. In this area, I freelance for clients from various technical fields and help them to weed out their weaknesses with regard to language, while always motivating them. I offer this for both German and English from everyday to business language.

In this respect, I hold a TKT certificate issued by the University of Cambridge.